My story

My name is Anna Rolskaya and I am an independent artist and blogger based in Lisbon, Portugal. My journey as an artist began back in 2016 when I founded my Instagram page as a calligrapher and lettering artist. With my passion and dedication, I quickly gained recognition in a small community of professionals, and soon published two books and taught numerous online and offline courses in London, Tokyo, Singapore, New York, and beyond.

I even had the opportunity to collaborate with brands such as Danon, Reebok, and Clarins. At 33 years old, I had achieved everything I had ever wanted: money, recognition, and the love of my fans. But then, I faced a crisis caused by burnout and personal life drama.

The pandemic only made things worse, triggering the biggest change in my life. I decided to leave everything behind and reinvent myself as an abstract artist. After two years of hard work, including several group and solo shows, I gradually shifted my focus towards the floral theme, still painting in a free and expressionistic way.

I am now proud to have found a new artistic direction that is true to myself and my passions. Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I appreciate your interest in my art and hope that it brings a little more sunshine and joy to your life.

Photo by Sasha Lisina